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Frequently Asked Questions For Homeowners Looking to Sell Their Homes

Q: Why should I sell with a cash investor?

We have experience working with homeowners and properties of all shapes and sizes but there are certain circumstances that benefit homeowners the most when considering selling for cash.

Property condition :

  • Distressed
  • Old
  • In need of repairs

Seller situation :

  • Quick relocation
  • Divorce
  • Inheritance
  • Foreclosure
  • Unwanted rentals
  • Secondary investment properties
Q: Why is selling as-is better than selling through an agent?

When selling as is, you can likely have cash in your hand within 10 days with no repair costs, closing fees, or commissions. With an agent, homeowners are on the hook for repairs, cleanups, marketing, closing costs, and commission.
Additionally, this process is more prone to delays like slow contractors and cancelled escrows. Each of delay ultimately costs you more time and money. Depending on the situation, selling as-is can literally save you tens of thousands of dollars!

Q: How do you determine the value of my house?

As investors, we have a very transparent numbers driven approach to determine your property’s value. As a result, we are able to provide you the highest offer possible for your home!

Q: Why should I sell to OverAskSD over other investors?

We are not a wholesaler, we are renovators who take great pride in our work and the value it adds to San Diego real estate. Many investors are simply looking for a great bargain. They often will buy your house, do no work to it, and mark it up upwards of 60% sometimes. Very often they wind up even selling to a team like our to do the actual hard work. 


We believe in hard work that provides tangible value. When we renovate properties, the whole community and market benefits. Wholesalers and other investors simply want to see ‘how little they can pay’. We approach every deal with homeowners asking ourselves ‘what is the most we can pay’.